"Like a Winding Sheet" is a short story written by Ann Petry. The story was published by Martha Foley in the 1946 volume of "the Best American Short Stories." More »

Narrative poems tell a story about characters progressing through a plot in verse form. Narrative poems were often told or performed verbally for an audience. For example, the "Epic of Gilgamesh" and the "Iliad" are abou... More »

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Carl Deuker's novel "Runner" is the story of Chance Taylor, a high school senior who could have been a terrific athlete. However, because his mother left home and his father is an alcoholic, Chance now runs drugs and oth... More »

The term epic poetry refers to long poems that recount the story concerning either a historical event or a mythic hero's journey or adventure. Some examples of epic poetry are the "Aeneid," "Iliad," "Odyssey," "Gilgamesh... More »

One sad poem, titled "Alone," and written by Edgar Alan Poe in 1829, tells a story of inner turmoil. The poem was not published until after Poe's death, but is dated one month after his foster mother had passed away. Poe... More »

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The poem "Beowulf" is set in Sweden and Denmark during the sixth century and tells the story of Beowulf, a Geatish warrior who fights monsters. The first creature Beowulf battles is called Grendel, a monster that has att... More »

"The Listeners" is a narrative poem by Walter de la Mare that tells the story of the Traveller's encounter with the supernatural at a forest dwelling at night. One interpretation of the poem's meaning is that it represen... More »