The story of Carmen Winstead is not true. It is an urban legend that circulated as a chain letter on social media platforms beginning in 2006. There is no record of a girl named Carmen Winstead being pushed down a sewer ... More »

The famous Internet video about Teresa Fidalgo was written and produced by Portuguese producer David Rebordão, and it is not a true story. The video is filmed as a recovered footage video in the same vein as the "Blair W... More »

One anonymous near-death experience story submitted by an anonymous male to the International Association of Near-Death Studies describes how he died momentarily during a snorkeling accident and traveled to his mother's ... More »

The true story behind the film "The Strangers" is an incident from writer and director Bryan Bertino's childhood, when someone knocked on the door of Bertino's home while his parents were away. His little sister answered... More »

Snopes is one of the great Internet arbitrators of whether or not a story is true or false. The site carries a large number of stories that are either true or false, and it clearly identifies which are which for readers. More »

The story about the Michigan town of Dearborn and its implementation of Sharia law is not true; it was posted by The National Report, a satirical site known to post absurd entertainment pieces disguised as news items. De... More »

Lasers are the result of electrical energy absorption by electrons within specially-designed glass, crystal or gas, causing the electrons to move to a high-energy rotation around their atomic nucleus before slowing down ... More » World View Paranormal