According to Math Warehouse, the square root of eight is 2.82. The square root of eight function can be simplified by factoring out the square of the whole number and rewriting the equation of the square root of four tim... More »

The square root of 67 is exactly 8.18535277187245 based on calculator computations. This is typically rounded off to 8.19 for simplicity in using the value in any given math equation. More » Math Arithmetic

The square root of 72 is approximately 8.49 when rounded to the nearest hundredth. Since it is not a perfect square, it can most easily be solved by using a scientific calculator. If this option is unavailable, there are... More »

The square root of 576 is 24, since the number 576 is the product of 24 squared. The square root of a number is arrived at by obtaining the factors of the given number. More » Math Exponents

The square root of 130 is 11.40, rounded to two decimal places. To find the square root using the Google search engine, simply type "sqrt(130)" into the Google search box. More »

The square root of 63 is 7.93. The square root of a number, expressed as the variable y, is another number, expressed by the variable x, that when multiplied by itself equals y, as in the formula x times x equals y. More »

The square root of 324 is 18. The square root of a number can also be a negative number because the square of a negative number is always a positive number. The equation (-18) x (-18) = 324, therefore, the square root of... More »