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the spread of cultural characteristics from one group to another. Cultural leveling. the process by which cultures become similar to one another; refers especially to the process by which U.S. culture is being exported and diffused into other nations. Sociology Chapter 2 34 terms.


The spread of culture traits from one area to other areas is called. diffusion. ... the process by which one culture group adopts the characteristics of another dominant group. ... Introduction to Georgaphy 74 terms. destinybluee. Geography Final Exam 271 terms. kate_hodgson.


a. Cultural diffusion / pg. 57: the spread of cultural traits form one group to another; includes both material and nonmaterial cultural traits. This term is incredibly relevant in this documentary in every aspect of it. Culture is absolutely going to spread when citizens of other countries make the trek across nations.


Culture spreads via a process anthropologists call cultural diffusion. Simply put, culture spread when two different cultures have close interactions with one another or when one nation conquers another. When the latter happens, it is called forced cultural diffusion. In the past, cultures spread slowly through the everyday interactions of people.


Find an answer to your question The spread of cultural traits from one society to another is called


Cultural transmission is the spread of cultural traits from one are to other areas. The spread may be passed by humans or animals.


The spread of cultural traits from one society to another is called _____ a. immigration. b. cultural transmission. c. popular culture. d. diffusion.


In cultural anthropology and cultural geography, cultural diffusion, as conceptualized by Leo Frobenius in his 1897/98 publication Der westafrikanische Kulturkreis, is the spread of cultural items—such as ideas, styles, religions, technologies, languages—between individuals, whether within a single culture or from one culture to another. It is distinct from the diffusion of innovations ...


– cultural lag. The culture of a society is permanent and able to fit all new situations without evolving.-False . The spread of cultural traits from one social group to another is called:-cultural diffusion. Ethnocentrism is:-the tendency to judge other cultures by a person’s own culture.


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