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Definition of Setting. Setting is an environment or surrounding in which an event or story takes place. It may provide particular information about placement and timing, such as New York, America, in the year 1820.


In literature, the term setting refers to:? A. the time in which a story takes place. B. the place in which a story unfolds. ... SETTING refers to the place or time in which a story takes place, and therefore also involves the social environment depicted in a story. Source(s): andayam@pacbell.net · 9 years ago . 0.


The “historical context” of a story refers to _____. A)the plot’s setting in real life. B)the main character’s opinion about what’s going on. C)the author’s note at the end that describes the story’s historical setting. D)the circumstances of the author’s life when writing the story.


The setting of a story is the time, place and social and religious environment. For example, a story that appears may be set in a poor part of early Victorian England among deeply religious people ...


Literature Terms. Common terms in literature ... Terms in this set (...) Genre. refers to the type or category of a literary work. Setting. refers to where and when the story takes place. Narrator. ... follows the climax and refers to the point in the story where the tensions have passed their peak and the story begins to unwind as the tensions ...


How to Describe the Setting in a Story. The setting of a story is the environment your characters are in. The location, time, and weather all play major points in a story, and a well-described setting can make it more interesting for your...


The following question refers to “A Secret for Two”: The setting of the story is Montreal. A. True B. False


Setting is an important element in a narrative and in some works the setting becomes a character itself. The term setting is often used to refer to the social milieu in which the events of a novel occur and novelist Donna Levin has described how this social milieu shapes the characters’ values.


No matter if you are just getting started or want to break into fiction writing, setting is a crucial element to any story. In order to create an imaginary world for your story, you’ll need to know the fundamental elements of setting first. Discover the basic elements of setting in a story from ...


What is the Setting of a Story? ... When describing setting in terms of place, refer to the most common known place the characters spend the majority of the time, like a country or city.