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The Revolutionary Period 1765-1815. It will be convenient to treat the fifty years which elapsed between the meeting at New York, in 1765, of a Congress of delegates from nine colonies to protest against the Stamp Act, and the close of the second war with England, in 1815, as, for literary purposes, a single period.


Literature and the Arts in the Revolutionary Era By the time of the American Revolution (1775–83), American writers had ventured beyond the Puritan literary style and its religious themes and had developed styles of writing that grew from distinctly American experiences. Source for information on Literature and the Arts in the Revolutionary Era: American Revolution Reference Library dictionary.


American literature is literature written or produced in the United States of America and its preceding colonies (for specific discussions of poetry and theater, see Poetry of the United States and Theater in the United States).Before the founding of the United States, the British colonies on the eastern coast of the present-day United States were heavily influenced by English literature.


What Are the Characteristics of American Revolution Literature? During the American Revolution, romanticism became popular, and some of the characteristics include ordinary men becoming heroes, heightened emotions and imaginative scenarios. ... It is important not to confuse American romanticism with the period that followed, which was simply ...


American Revolutionary Literature: 1750-1830 The Age of Reason/The Age of Enlightenment (Philosophers believed that human reasons should be used to examine previously accepted ideas. Anything that could not stand up to rational scrutiny should then be modified or discarded.


the literature of the Revolutionary period is historical-political. The american evolution (1775-1783) comprises the historical component, and the founding of the nation and establishment of government comprise the political component.


1775-1783 Revolutionary Era . Literature . During the Revolutionary Era in American history enlightenment thinkers and individualists were common. This era was when the United States declared independence from Great Britain. This is when the American Revolutionary War was fought.


For revolution we need revolutionaries, but revolutionary literature can wait, for only when revolutionaries start writing can there be revolutionary literature. So to my mind it is revolution which plays a big part in literature. The literature of a revolutionary period is different from that of ordinary times for, in a revolution, literature ...


This Blog is focusing in the Revolutionary Period of the American Literature. Also, You can find information about The American Literature and my favorite author Thomas Jefferson. The English Grammar can be find right here with videos, forms, and information. ... The Age of Reason or the Revolutionary Period in American Literature (1750-1800)


American Literature does not easily lend itself to classification by time period. Given the size of the United States and its varied population, there are often several literary movements happening at the same time. However, this hasn't stopped literary scholars from making an attempt.