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To find free books and novels online, visit sites that host free novels and browse, or use a search engine to find specific titles. Use sites that index public domain, meaning copyright-free, books to ensure no copyright is violated.


Some sites that allow users to sell used books and novels online include Amazon.com, AbeBooks.com and Powells.com. Sellers can also consult a book scouting site such as BookScouter.com to get price quotes from numerous websites.


Websites that host complete novels for reading online include FreeNovelsOnline.com and RedNovels.com. Additional websites with collections of novels that can be read in an Internet browser are Gutenberg.org and Adelaide.edu. All websites also allow the downloading of bo...


As of 2015, and excellent location to find a list of the best novels online is the Modern Library. The Modern Library was founded in 1917 by a well-known publishing company.


The novel “The Outsiders” has been banned from some schools and public libraries because of its portrayal of gang violence, strong language, family dysfunction and underage smoking and drinking. Other schools still use this novel as part of their required reading curric...


"The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton is available to read online on a few different web pages. The full book can be read at docs.google.com, as well as archive.org.


Novels, also termed "fiction," may be categorized as literary, mainstream or genre. Literary novels focus on characters' internal experiences and personal journeys. They are often critically acclaimed for both subject matter and writing style. Genre fiction follows a sp...