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On September 15, 1935, the Nazi government passed two new racial laws at their annual NSDAP Reich Party Congress in Nuremberg, Germany. These two laws (the Reich Citizenship Law and the Law to Protect German Blood and Honor) became collectively known as the Nuremberg Laws.


The Nuremberg Laws (German: Nürnberger Gesetze) were antisemitic and racist laws in Nazi Germany.They were enacted by the Reichstag on 15 September 1935, at a special meeting convened during the annual Nuremberg Rally of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). The two laws were the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour, which forbade marriages and extramarital intercourse between Jews and ...


In the September 16, 1935, edition were the Nuremberg Laws, which had been adopted by the Reichstag the previous day and promulgated by its president, Hermann Goering. Photostats and translations of them were placed in the U.S. evidence file and eventually made available to the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.


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Start studying Nuremberg Laws. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... Nuremberg Laws. Anti Semitic (hatred) laws against Jews, originated by the Nazi Government in 1935. Purpose of Nuremberg Laws. based on the belief of scientific racism. ... was tempered by the fact that Southern states maintained ...


The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 officially excluded Jews from German citizenship and limited their rights as members of society. Also included in the Nuremberg Laws were specific definitions of who was legally considered a Jew. To read contemporary news accounts of the Holocaust and other Jewish events from 1917 on, search the JTA Archive.


The Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935 deprived German Jews of their rights of citizenship, giving them the status of "subjects" in Hitler's Reich. The laws also made it forbidden for Jews to marry or have sexual relations with Aryans or to employ young Aryan women as household help. (An Aryan being a ...


The Nuremberg Race Laws At the annual party rally held in Nuremberg in 1935, the Nazis announced new laws which institutionalized many of the racial theories prevalent in Nazi ideology. The laws excluded German Jews from Reich citizenship and prohibited them from marrying or having sexual relations with persons of "German or related blood."


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The Nuremberg Laws were established in Germany on September 15, 1935. They were a set of antisemitic laws which severely limited the rights and freedom of Jewish people living in Germany.