The Miwok tribe settled villages along the rivers and streams of the Sierra Nevada area as well as the western and southern areas of California's central valley. The Miwok people are categorized into four different ethni... More » History Modern History US History

The Miwok tribes are indigenous to Northern California. Their total population is approximately 3,500 people. The United States Bureau of Indian Affairs recognizes 11 Miwok tribes. Some of the tribes use the spelling "Me... More »

Two fun facts about the California Valley Miwok Tribe are that Miwok children had their noses and ears pierced and the Miwok shaped clamshells into disks that they used as currency. The Miwok inhabited central California... More » History Modern History US History

The Miwok Indian tribe lived in northern and central California centuries ago. Some of their villages were located along the Cosumnes River and Calaveras River in the Sierra Nevada while other villages were located near ... More »

The Creek originally lived in permanent farming communities situated on rivers and streams in what is now northern Georgia and eastern Alabama. Large buffer zones separated individual chiefdoms. Relations with European s... More » History Modern History US History

The Comanche were a nomadic tribe living in the southern areas of the Great Plains. They lived in and travelled with tepees. They were known to be great horsemen, keeping huge herds and trading them with other tribes and... More » History Modern History US History

Members of the Hopi tribe still live in some of the same areas of the Southwest United States that they have occupied since approximately 600 CE. They have practiced agriculture throughout their long history, and they su... More »