A lens used in both contacts and eyeglasses works by changing the direction of light and bending it so that it focuses on the retina of the eye. For nearsighted people, a lens "diverges the light rays, which reduces the ... More »

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While there may be some discomfort following eye lens replacement surgery, the surgery is performed under local anesthesia and is not painful. Most post-operative pain is managed with over-the-counter pain relievers, acc... More »

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The lens of the human eye works on the same basic principle as the lens of a camera. Muscles that attach to the lens allow it to change shape and shift the focus of the light rays that are projected onto the retina. More »

According to The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook, light travels through the sclera, cornea, pupil and lens before stopping at the retina, respectively. Once at the retina, the information from the light is converted to... More »

Flashes of light in the eyes are caused by migraine headaches, the shrinking of the vitreous humor in the eye or a torn retina, says MedicineNet. Most incidences of flashing lights are not serious, but if they are sudden... More »

Doctors may prescribe eyeglasses or contacts for people who have had cataract surgery to correct their vision after surgery. People who did not receive an intraocular transplant during cataract surgery need to correct th... More »

An image is formed in the human eye when light passes through the pupil, is refracted by the lens and is absorbed by pigment cells in the retina, altering the pigments and triggering neurons to fire. The particular arran... More »