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Sameera January 16, 2019 at 9:57 am. Wow, nicely written! Content is indeed king and it is changing the face of marketing online and advertisements. I recently came across an article where they explain the importance of content and why marketers are hiring more content writers and marketers.


In this blog, we shall outline the true importance of content marketing, and how each and every brand out there should utilise it to build meaningful connections and capture the interest of potential consumers. Here at Growth Gurus, the importance of content marketing is valued so much that we’ve even written a free white paper on the subject.


Chart of the day: Research with almost 1,000 content marketers reveals how important content marketing is to marketing teams. Most people say content marketing is at the core of the marketing team. Please note that the research is split into visionaries and leaders, those who are experts in content marketing or leaders.


Content marketing gives you the opportunity to earn that credibility by creating messages that demonstrate how your product or service can make a positive difference in the lives of your prospects. Why Content Marketing Is Important Why Content Marketing Matters to Consumers


You must have heard the phrase content is king. Now, that may well be a marketing buzzword but this year and beyond, it’s a statement that has never been more relevant. In a world where ...


Why Content Marketing Is Important. For years, it’s been a buzzword in the marketing industry. Discover why content marketing is still on the rise – and why it should have a firm place in your corporate strategy in the future.


Why Content Marketing Is the Best Long-Term Marketing Strategy. ... it's important to understand that content can serve as a complementary strategy to almost any other online marketing strategy:


An infographic full of facts and stats to prove the importance of video marketing in 2019. Video marketing is king! An infographic full of facts and stats to prove the importance of video marketing in 2019. ... 14 Reasons Why You Need to Use Video Content Marketing [2019 Infographic] Ramona Sukhraj.


Why content marketing matters more than ever in 2016 A Q&A with Liam Fisher of BuiltVisible giving actionable advice and tools for people looking to improve their content marketing campaigns in the year.


Content marketing for contractors is the best way to reach today's consumer and present yourself as an expert in the industry. No one wants to be sold, and content marketing lets you show your expertise, educate prospective customers, and win them over when they're ready to buy.