Although some scholars suggest that the roots of rap music are in the tribal instrumental chants dating back thousands of years, most agree that it did not fully emerge as a music genre until the 1970s. It was created in... More » Art & Literature

According to, some of the most well-known rappers over more than four decades of hip-hop history include Tupac Shakur, 50 Cent, Ice-T, Nas, LL Cool J, Eminem, Kanye West, Queen Latifah and Jay-Z. The genre ... More » Art & Literature

Coogi is an urban fashion label that produces colorful knitwear. The clothing line is famous for its use of vibrant colors, eclectic patterns and strange textures.The company was founded in 1969 by Jacky Taranto as Cuggi... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Although opinion as to whether rap music has a bad influence on children is broadly divided, many believe the genre's focus on street crime, violence and sexist portrayals of women to be negative overall. It has also bee... More » Science Biology Botany

Popular rap music videos include "California Love," "My Name Is" and "All of the Lights." 2Pac released "California Love" in 1995, Eminem released "My Name Is" in 1999 and Kanye West released "All of the Lights" in 2010. More » Art & Literature

Southern gospel music is a genre of music that originated in the Southeastern United States in the early part of the 20th century. It is intertwined with the Christian faith and its lyrics revolve around biblical teachin... More » Art & Literature

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