Microsoft Word, first released in 1983 as "Multi-Tool Word," is a word processor available as a standalone product and as a component in the Microsoft Office suite. The first version of Microsoft Word was based on the fr... More »

Microsoft recommends using a template or table to create a resume in Word. To create a resume using a template in Word 2013, click File, then click New. Type "resume" in the search box, then click the magnifying class. S... More » Business & Finance Careers Applying & Interviewing

Paul Allen and Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft as a small partnership on April 4, 1975, and Bill Gates became the CEO. They registered the name "Microsoft" with the secretary of state of New Mexico on November 26, 1976. More » Business & Finance Corporations

Microsoft Word is the de facto word processor for businesses and many governments. Its file format is standard for business communication. However, many groups are turning away from it. More »

There are many different advantages to using Microsoft Word as your word processor such as ease of use, and popularity. Additional advantages include customer support, number of features and familiarity. More »

Microsoft Word offers an online word processor that can be found at There are some other online word processors too, including Writer and Google Drive. More » Technology Software

Because Microsoft has discontinued its Works word processor, it is no longer possible to download the application. However, Microsoft still develops word processors. As of 2015, Office 265 is the latest version of Micros... More » Technology Software