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Mascara is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the eyelashes.It may darken, thicken, lengthen, and/or define the eyelashes. Normally in one of three forms—liquid, cake, or cream—the modern mascara product has various formulas; however, most contain the same basic components of pigments, oils, waxes, and preservatives.


The History of Mascara: Ancient Beauty. Ancient Egyptians play a large part of the rich history of mascara. Dating as far as 3400-30 B.C., Egyptians used bone and ivory as mascara applicators, and blended kohl with crocodile dung, water and honey to create the first mascara.


When you look at someone, the first thing you see is their eyes. And because of that, mascara represent one of the most important cosmetic products of all time. Here you can find out more about it, and its incredible journey through our history.


On the heels of a relatively groundbreaking study that found that 1) Eyelashes are always about one-third as long as the eye is wide and 2) This is the ideal length for diverting air flow to keep ...


Mascara: The OG Protector. This is why it’s actually no surprise that mascara was one of the first makeup products to exist — it was created as another layer and practical mean of protection around the eye. The precursor to what we know as mascara began way back when — around 4000 BC in Ancient Egypt.


Maybelline’s iconic mascara, Great Lash, launched. The product would go on to be a consistent best-seller, winning countless beauty awards and honors, including “America’s Favorite Mascara.” You probably know it for its pink and green packaging and non-clumpy formula.


The History of Mascara February 21, 2016 Jessica Assaf. Before women used synthetic dyes to color their eyelashes, they mixed ingredients like ashes with elderberry juice in their homes to create a natural colorant. Things didn't change until 1830, when a French perfumer moved to London and began developing cosmetic products, starting with perfume.


Helena Rubinstein was Bara’s makeup artist; she created mascara for the actress, relying on her experiments with kohl. Others who saw the opportunity for the mass-market of cosmetics during this time were Max Factor, Sr., and Elizabeth Arden. Many of the present day makeup manufacturers were established during the 1920s and 1930s.


History of Makeup. From the copper and lead ore that the ancient Egyptians used to create the world's first cosmetics to the scientifically advanced ... "A History of Cosmetics From Ancient Times


Mascara is such an integral part of our beauty routines that we just accept it as a salient thing. But over its more than 6,000 year-long history, mascara has gone through some pretty big changes ...