The purposes of government include maintenance of a social order, providing public services, providing national protection and making national economic decisions. Generally, governments arise from an ideology of sovereig... More »

A four-digit SIC, or Standard Industrial Classification, code is used by the government to identify the primary business of the company. It was developed so that statistical reports across different government agencies c... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

After seceding from the British government, the 13 North American colonies drafted the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union to aid in governing the newly formed states, according to HowStuffWorks. This early fed... More »

The primary duty of the legislative branch of government is to introduce, review and pass legislation. The legislative branch of the government is the only branch of the government that can pass new laws. This is done th... More »

The main purpose of the executive branch is to be sure the laws of the nation are followed and that the responsibilities of government are fulfilled. The executive branch consists of the President, Vice President and Cab... More »

The executive brand of a government is responsible for implementing and executing laws passed by the legislative branch of government. In addition, the executive branch must interpret ambiguous laws. More »

The main purpose of the judicial branch of the government is to interpret and exercise the law. The Supreme Court is also charged with determining the constitutionality of all laws passed by Congress. More »