Wind is caused by differences in air pressure in different areas. This air pressure variance is a direct result of uneven heat distribution across the Earth's surface. More »

According to the Department of Energy, wind turbines generate electricity when the wind moves the fan blades, which are connected to an electric generator via a central shaft. As the blades turn, they turn the generator,... More »

According to a 1994 study by Zhao Y and Ye D, published in Pub Med, human males can generate approximately 120 kilograms of force. This is equal to about 265 pounds of force. Females generate slightly less powerful, but ... More »

There are many different causes for natural disasters; seismic activity, air pressure, ocean currents and soil erosion are the main causes. A natural disaster can cause damage to property, loss of life and effect the eco... More »

Wind is created by changes in air pressure from one area to another. Changes in air pressure are determined by a variety of forces, including the density and temperature of air masses. When air moves from between areas o... More »

Ocean currents can be formed by wind, gravity, earthquakes and temperature and salinity variations that cause density differences in the water mass, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Some ... More »

Moving air is called wind. Winds are caused by differences in air pressure but can be modified by the Coriolis effect and friction. The movement of winds is generally horizontal, but it can take on a vertical component i... More »