The pocket watch was developed by German inventor Peter Heinlein, who developed the first wave of pocket watches in 1524. However, early watches were worn as a pendant around the neck. Charles II popularized putting watc... More »

According to, the first step involved in identifying old pocket watches is determining the type of watch, and then finding information from the movement. Generally, the three types of pocket watches are the ... More »

Sell an old pocket watch to the Washington-based company Pocket Watch Buyers or to a local pawn shop. Another option is to use, a website devoted to helping people sell antique pocket watches. More »

Wristwatches were first officially invented in 1868 when a watch was created for the Countess of Hungary. Prior to the first official wristwatch, pocket watches were adapted to be worn on the wrist as early as 1570. More »

While light is a natural phenomenon and not an invention, the first lamp was invented around 70,000 B.C., and its inventor remains nameless. It used burning moss and animal fat in a rock or shell. Thomas Edison and other... More »

Although there is no single inventor of the microscope, in 1595, Zacharias Janssen and his father, Hans, invented the first compound microscope. Both glasses makers, their invention proved that a series of lenses inside ... More »

The first automated teller machine was invented in 1967 by John Shepherd-Barron, a Scottish inventor. He had a revelation that if vending machines could dispense candy, they could also dispense money. His first ATM was i... More » History Inventions