Non-renewable and renewable energy sources are the two types of energy. As the names state, non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels are not able to be used again. Renewable sources such as wind can be used over and ov... More »

Potential energy is the stored energy of an object that has the potential to change to a different form of energy to do work. The types of potential energy are gravitational, elastic, chemical, electric and nuclear. More »

The types of light energy available include visible light energy, infrared light energy, ultraviolet energy, electromagnetic energy and X-ray energy. The different types of energy are used by human beings in order to ach... More »

Green energy refers to energy derived from renewable sources with a low environmental impact and includes solar, wind, geothermal, biogas and hydroelectric energy. Green energy sources don't create harmful greenhouse gas... More »

Natural resources in the tundra include plants, animals, such as caribou, elk and foxes and sources of energy including uranium and oil. Natural resources refer to usable items deriving from nature, instead of undergoing... More »

Biofuels are plant-based fuels made from organic matter and can be used in conjunction with traditional fuels (such as fossil fuels) to create more sustainable energy sources. Current biofuels fall into three main catego... More »

Easy steps that will help conserve natural resources through reduction are the use of renewable sources of energy, and the reusing and recycling of items. Take the amount of resources used into context and maintain a goa... More »