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Christians celebrate Pentecost to commemorate Jesus' early followers receiving the Holy Spirit as described in the second chapter of the biblical book of Acts. The first Pentecost occurred a few weeks after Jesus' resurrection.


According to the Bible and church history, at the Pentecost the 12 apostles and other Christians that were assembled in an upper room in Jerusalem received the Holy Spirit for the first time. This caused them to be able to speak in tongues, which meant that pilgrims from many nations gathered in the


Pentecostals believe that the Holy Spirit is a living manifestation that dwells within Christians. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ brings them salvation. Pentecostalism is a revivalist form of Protestantism that stresses an intimate experience with God.


Pentecost originated as a Jewish holiday that fell 50 days after Passover. Its purpose was to thank God for the harvest. Members of the Christian religion mark Pentecost as the day when the Holy Spirit came to Earth, 40 days after Easter Sunday.


Pentecostal churches believe that the Old and New Testaments are the word of God; that God, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three persons with once essence; that God is the creator; and that salvation is possible because of Jesus' death on the cross. Pentecostal churches also emphasizes that members


Pentecostalism is a form of Christianity founded on the belief in the work of the Holy Spirit as a direct experience of the presence of God. This is based on a key event in the life of early Christians as recorded in Acts 2:1-4. During this event, known as the day of Pentecost, the 12 disciples rece


Baptists and Pentecostals differ in the way they worship, in their beliefs about salvation and in the way they interpret gifts from God. They are both founded upon the beliefs of Christianity even with their differences.


Pentecostal worship songs include "My Last Mile Home," "Look What the Lord Has Done," "He is Still in the Fire," "I Got Something to Praise God For" and "He Set Me Free." Pentecostal music includes high-spirited instrumental arrangements and singing.


Acts 1:15 notes that there were approximately 120 people present in the Upper Room on the day of Pentecost. Jesus and his disciples accounted for a dozen with the rest being believers. According to the Bible, some of the female followers of Jesus and his mother were also present.


Apostolic Pentecostal is a church based on the Christian Bible that believes members should lead lives that follow explicit passages and principles from the Bible. Members of the Apostolic Pentecostal church follow the Scriptures, and their set of beliefs includes a fundamental doctrine for full sal