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The dangers of nuclear radiation- A deeper look The dangers of high level radiation have risen dramatically over the last half century. Over these years, we have discovered many uses of radioactive materials, and our subsequent use of these materials has soared.


How does nuclear radiation harm the body, and what are the risks from long-term exposure to low levels after an accident? MyHealthNewsDaily spoke with experts about these questions.


Radiation & Nuclear Energy: The nuclear fuel cycle does not give rise to significant radiation exposure for members of the public. Radiation is particularly associated with nuclear medicine and the use of nuclear energy, along with X-rays, is ionising radiation.


When we think of radiation we may immediately think of only dangerous and harmful things. In reality, the word radiation refers to any transfer of energy through space from a source. Some examples of radiation include sunlight, radio waves, x-rays, heat, alpha, beta, gamma ionizing radiation, and infrared, just to name a few. Not all of these types of radiation are harmful, in fact, in ...


The most important breakdown in the public's understanding of nuclear power is in its concept of the dangers of radiation. What is radiation, and how dangerous is it? Radiation consists of several types of subatomic particles, principally those called gamma rays, neutrons, electrons, and alpha particles, that shoot through space at very high ...


) in a short time span (minutes to hours). This level of radiation would be like getting the radiation from 18,000 chest x-rays distributed over your entire body in this short period. Acute radiation syndrome is rare, and comes from extreme events like a nuclear explosion or accidental handling or rupture of a highly radioactive source.


Uses and dangers of radiation People are exposed to sources of radiation in all aspects of everyday life. Radioactive sources can be very useful but need handling carefully to ensure safety.


Dangers of Nuclear Waste disposal. Usually, when nuclear waste is disposed of, it is put into storage containers made of steel that is then placed inside a further cylinder made of concrete. These protective layers prevent the radiation from getting outside and harming the atmosphere or generally surroundings of the nuclear waste.


Radiation Dangers – What About the Children? Radiation from Wifi and Cell Phones Causes 50% Increased Risk of Miscarriage; School in Kerry County, Ireland Introduces Ban on Smart Phones and Social Media — Children were Involved with “Inappropriate Material” Somerset Parent Pulls Child out of School Due to Wifi Radiation


Radioactivity in popular culture seems to appear on one end of the spectrum or the other, causing panic and death or giving comic book heroes superpowers. When used properly, radioactivity does not pose much danger. In some cases, radioactivity can even help save a life. Reading up on the dangers and uses of ...