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However, you don’t “fit” dinosaurs with the Bible. You see, what most people do is take man’s fallible interpretations of the bones that are found and somehow try to fit these into the Bible. But the Bible is, among other things, a book of real history.


You state “300 types of dinosaurs” – though there are approx 1000 known types most of which are not semi aquatic and many bird types. Also many bible sites state “5 months” for the flood but the total period inside the ark was 12 months from the waters starting to noah and family leaving the ark.


Dinosaurs were created on day 6 of creation week along with people. There are several Bible references to leviathons and dragons. The name dinosaur is a relatively recent creation. People in an earlier time used other names for these animals. The earth was just as big of a planet in early days.


(Bible-Science Newsletter 1970, 2). About seventy years ago, Dr. Samuel Hubbard, curator of archaeology in the Oakland (California) Museum, discovered dinosaur carvings on the cliff walls of the Hava Supai Canyon in Arizona. One remarkable carving resembles a Tyrannosaurus. Nearby, dinosaur tracks were preserved in the rock surface.


Now, onto today's topic: dinosaurs and where they fit in a biblical timeline. The first thing to point out is that they're not really in there, at least not by name. We don't see the word dinosaur. It's actually a relatively new word in language. That doesn't mean that just because we don't have a word for something that it's not talked about.


The typical answer to the question of when dinosaurs were made are, most times, based on misconceptions concerning the chronology as outlined in the scriptures. A common misconception is that everything that was created was made when man was formed. The Bible reveals that there was a creation prior to Adam and Eve.


Most people believe you can’t reconcile dinosaurs and the Bible—but they are wrong. This erroneous idea is based on the supposition that either you have to believe in the young-earth theory of a 6,000 year-old earth and dinosaurs living with Adam, or you can’t believe in the creation week account of Genesis 1.


The secular dinosaur timeline begins about 220 million years ago and has them going extinct about 65 million years ago. The Biblical timeline, however, places them at the very beginning of creation, about 6,000 years ago, with almost all of them going extinct about 4,400 years ago in Noah’s Flood.


Dinosaurs have long been an effective tool for teaching evolutionary dogma, but they really did exist, and therefore must somehow fit into the Biblical framework. The Bible says that all things were created during the six-day creation week (Exodus 20:11, etc.), including dinosaurs.