The Anasazi, an ancient Pueblo people, built cliff towns in the southwest United States that remain well preserved due to arid conditions. The civilization collapsed at the end of the 13th century. The word Anasazi comes... More » History Modern History US History

The Pueblo peoples emerged from the ancient Anasazi agricultural culture. Early Spanish explorers named the Pueblo after the Spanish word for "town"; unlike many nearby tribes, the Pueblo lived in permanent settlements. ... More » History Ancient History Ancient America

New Mexico's Chaco Culture National Historic Park is an archaeological site featuring buildings that were once home to the Anasazi, the ancestors of the Pueblo people. The structures sit in a canyon and were inhabited fr... More » Geography

The Anasazi community built their homes, the famed cliff dwellings, into the mountainsides with but a single exit for defense purposes.These people could carry out all the aspects of living within these dwellings except ... More »

The Anasazi used scrapers, axes, knives and drills made of stone, as well as spindles, digging tools and paintbrushes made of wood, plant fiber and bone. They also used bows and arrows, spears and snares. More »

The Hopi Native Americans are a tribe of agricultural people who live primarily in Arizona and the Southwest United States. With thousands of years of history, the Hopi are one of the oldest living cultures in the world ... More » History Modern History US History

Interesting facts concerning the Anasazi Indians include that they date back to about 2,000 B. C., they were skilled engineers and they are responsible for the cliff pueblos of the Southwest. They also built some of the ... More »