Aesthetic appreciation refers to the sensory appraisal of objects using the normative system of aesthetics, which judges the quality of objects based on how pleasing they are to the sense. Aesthetics at large is the bran... More »

Aesthetic appreciation in sports is an understanding and love of the beautiful in sports. defines the adjective "aesthetic" as indicating a sense of the beautiful. More »

Critiquing art involves analyzing the planning and construction of a work, its primary points of emphasis, relationships among subjects, how the work relates to current events and to other works, the originality of the w... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Artwork appraisal is available through and, as of 2015. offers a tool to find nearby appraisers, while offers online appraisals. Alternatively, search for a... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Researching the artist and the artwork online, in auction house catalogs and through online auction sites is the most direct way to determine value, as is getting an appraisal of the piece. The value of a signed, limited... More »

Art appreciation involves having an understanding of all of the qualities that comprise a great work of art. Art appreciation classes can be enjoyed by everyone from art experts to complete novices. More »

Prior to determining the best way to study for an art appreciation course, one must understand the purpose of art appreciation. Art appreciation is not a course designed to teach one to create art, but is purposed for te... More »