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Most (dare I say, all) of us are afraid of something, whether it be small spaces, heights, or snakes; and as it turns out, we often share the same fears. One common fear is social phobia: this fear is rooted in one’s fear of being judged or negatively perceived by other people.


Most people find dead things wrong on an instinctual level. This makes plenty of sense seeing as how dead things are just crawling with who knows what, meaning that it is a good idea to avoid them as much as possible. On top of that, dead things are a reminder of . . . well, death, which is about as universal a fear as fears get. 14. Trypophobia


Although levels of fear vary, these are the most common fears according to statistics. 1. Spiders. assets.rbl.ms. This is among the most common fears, according to statistics, 48% of women report having this fear while only 9% of men have admitted to having this fear. Arachnophobia is not only a common fear but it's also a common phobia.


As adults, the most common fear among Sofary’s surveyed population was spiders or bugs. It accounted for 33% of women and 31.3% of men. A nearly identical number of people said they were afraid of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. And just about twice the number of women find the idea of being home alone or kidnapped compared ...


Here Are 50 Of The Most Common Fears — How Many Do You Have? Are you afraid of the dark? by Jon-Michael Poff. BuzzFeed Editor. Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed / All photos from Getty Images ...


The top most common fears of U.S adults. The Chapman University in Orange, CA conducts an annual Survey of American Fears to detect the most common, but not necessarily the most intense fears, among U.S. adults. 1 They reported the results from their fourth poll on 2017-OCT-11. They obtained a random selection of about 1,200 U.S. adults.


Now you know what the most common fears holding you back and, once you’ve figured out why you are afraid, do three things; admit your fear to yourself, embrace your fear, take action. Action is the antidote to fear. Related Posts Basics Of A Disruptive Job Search 4 Tips For Overcoming Career Fear Photo Credit: Shutterstock.


Below are the most common childhood fears by age. As with most things – this list isn’t exhaustive and some children will have different fears – or will have a fear outside of the common age range. Childhood Fears for AGES: 2-4 years old.


The most tangible of adult fears is money. This is not fear of the paper itself, but the fear of being tight or low on money. Fiscal responsibilities are one of the biggest responsibilities of adulthood. One must be able to manage his budget efficiently in order to be well off and have enough to both cover bills, care for kids (if you have them ...


Here are some common misconceptions and fears that keep people from providing lifesaving care when the chips are down. Fear of hurting the victim. Many people hesitate to perform CPR because they worry that they may do more harm than good. They may even break a rib. The thing is, if you’re doing CPR right, it’s likely to break ribs.