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The function of each organ of the digestive system. The process of digestion. Pathologies/ illnesses that can occur in the digestive system. How will the learning of this content be facilitated? The class will begin with the teacher showing the video “Digestive System- Human Body for Kids- How the Body Works” (source:


It takes about 24 hours for food to make its way through your digestive system. ... Science Trek is a place where parents, kids, and educators can watch short, educational videos on a variety of ...


Even before you eat, when you smell a tasty food, see it, or think about it, digestion begins. Find out how the digestive system works, from start to finish, in this video!


• The board should look like the digestive system and include the organs that are part of the digestive system. • The goal of Let's Digest! should be to move the game pieces from the mouth, through the digestive system, to the toilet. First player to be flushed wins! • Game pieces should be shaped like healthy foods and drinks.


The Digestive System of a Young Child The digestive system of a young child is still in the process of maturing, and that makes it different from an adult’s digestive system. “Infants and children are not simply small adults, especially when it comes to feeding and nourishing their little bodies,” says Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD, FAAP, DABHM .


Digestive System Coloring Page. Download and print these Digestive System coloring pages for free. Digestive System coloring pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and color recognition.


This Digestive System Craft for Kids is so much fun! They’re going to love learning and being creative at the same time! Are you learning about the digestive system? We loved learning about the human body this year and I came up with this fun craft for my homeschool co-op class. It’s a Digestive System craft for kids.


Digestive System Learning Objectives BI-274, Dr. C. S. Tritt. Be able to name the organs that make up the digestive system. Be able to describe the major function or functions of each organ in the digestive system. Be able to describe the microstructure of a typical cross-section of the digestive tract.


The organs of the digestive system can be separated into two main groups: those forming the alimentary canal and the accessory digestive organs. Organs of the Alimentary Canal The alimentary canal, also called the gastrointestinal tract, is a continuous, hollow muscular tube that winds through the ventral body cavity and is open at both ends.


Your digestive system is uniquely designed to turn the food you eat into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth and cell repair. Here's how it works. Mouth. The mouth is the beginning ...