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A no-reply email is one that has been sent from an email address that routes to an inbox or area of the server that is not regularly checked. Emails sent to the no-reply address will not receive a response.


Replying to a thank-you letter is not required by Western etiquette, though letting the sender know that their letter arrived is a kind gesture. If you receive a thank-you letter and want to reply, you can do so in whatever form you wish: by letter, in person or electro...


To reply to a letter, consider the context, find a relevant template and complete the header, body and footer. Personal and professional letters each have a different process.


Include a heading, salutation, body, closing and signature. The body of the letter should answer the questions that one has been asked or confirm information.


To write a business thank-you email, begin by writing the subject line, salute the recipient in the introductory part, express your gratitude in the main body of the email, and then write the conclusion. A good business thank-you email is always concise and maintains a ...


According to the United States Postal Service, Business Reply Mail is a postage permit businesses can affix to reply cards or envelopes for their customers, allowing the businesses to pay only for the postage used. When a customer replies using a prepaid Business Reply ...


To set up an email account, visit the website for your desired email provider, enter your desired email address along with the personal information that the provider requests, and choose a password. Enter a backup email address and prove that you're a real human to fini...