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The sale of Thai soap operas is still allowed in Cambodia, but television stations do not air them. Thai TV soap operas have begun to become popular in Singapore as Nang Tard aired successfully in that country. They are broadcast in Singapore one or two weeks after airing in Thailand.


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Soap Operas in Thailand are not just TV shows, they are a way of life and. Long story short: Lakorn is the Thai word for Soap Operas. Now let's make that story a bit longer. Soap Operas in Thailand are not just TV shows, they are a way of life and probably the most popular TV genre in Thailand.


Thailand's Daily News newspaper has reported the alarming news of the latest move by the Thai TV censor to improve the country's notorious soap operas. Thais and even some foreigners who have been here long enough know how many of these popular TV melodramas are committed to over-dramatisation and stereotyping of characters.


Thai soaps still the viewers’ favourite. Today's Bangkok Post has a long story by Kanokporn Chanasongkramon on Thai soap operas, better known here as nam nao – stinking water. The story talks ...


The usual storyline Thai soap operas are very popular in Thailand. They are called Lakorn, and their portrayal of women has recently been questioned. In lakorn, it is far from rare to witness rape scenes. In fact, these are exceptionally common, according to the Thai Ministry of Health, 80% of Lakorn feature scenes of rape…

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Belief in ghosts in Thai culture is both popular and enduring. In the history of Thailand Buddhist popular beliefs intermingled with the legends about the spirits or ghosts of the local folklore . These myths have survived and evolved, having been adapted to the modern media, such as Thai movies , Thai television soap operas and Thai comics .


The following is a list of television Nielsen ratings and rankings for American daytime soap operas from 1950 to the present, as compiled by Nielsen Media Research. The numbers provided represent the percentage of TV households in the United States watching that particular show in a year. Before 1996, the season average included only ratings from late September through mid-April.


Thai TV serie Detractors call them soap operas ("LAKHON NAM NAO" - ละครน้ำเน่า). It is true that most Thai TV series take place in palatial suburban estate house and that actors drive either a BMW or a Mercedes Benz. Actors are always very beautiful.