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The kickdown function of General Motors vehicles equipped with the Turbo 350 automatic transmission is perhaps better known as "passing gear." As the accelerator is depressed, the throttle lever on the engine is drawn back by a cable, which in turn pulls another cable attached to the transmission, causing it to downshift into a lower gear.


battery cable and use wheel chocks to block the vehicle's wheels. Make sure the engine, transmission, body and frame are properly grounded. We recommend using anti-seize lubricant on all aluminum threads. TOLL FREE 1-877-469-7440 • tech@lokar.com • www.lokar.com ® TH350 Stainless Kickdown Bracket & Cable Installation Instructions


TH-350 Hi-Tech Kickdown Installation Instructions Part# KD-2350HT Part# KD-2350HT Step 1: Install trans tube into trans without o-ring and inner cable, and then install adjuster bracket to Lokar Spring Return Bracket (SRK-4000) on carb as shown in Fig. 1. Step 2: Route braided cable housing up to adjuster, add


The difference between an auto trans kickdown cable and a TV cable—and why one is mandatory and the other is strictly optional. ... I recently bought a T-bucket with a 350 Chevy and TH350 tranny ...


Re: TH350 kickdown cable install, remove pan or not? 03-22-06 06:35 PM - Post# 901520 In response to Chevyboy62 I forgot to mention a few things. lol The kickdown cable location is located on the passenger side of the trans just to the left of the 2 transmission cooler lines.


This is a universal throttle cable and automatic transmission Turbo / TH350 kick down bracket included. Totally cable anchor adjustable and designed to attach to the drivers side carburetor rear hold ...


This detent or kickdown cable is Teckpak part number K35951. This easy to install OEM style cable is made in the USA by Teckpak. GM THM 200 & THM 200C (1976-80), THM 350 & THM 350C (1969-86) Throttle ...


Kickdown Cable Housing Throttle Cable Housing Ferrule Cable Adjuster Lokar Carburetor Bracket Carburetor Base Carburetor Throttle Arm Kickdown Mounting Bracket Tear Drop Cable End Stop Kickdown Throttle Body Fitting Hex Carb Fitting Carb End GM Hi-Tech Kickdown Kit Installation Instructions For TH350, 700-R4, TH200, TH200-4R, and 4L60