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Download the TextNow application for free from the App Store on iOS devices and the Google Play Store on Android devices. TextNow is a free application that generates revenue through ads, as of 2015. Users can pay to remove all ads.


To use the TextNow application on a computer, navigate to TextNow.com and download it, or download the application for free directly from the Apple application store on an Apple computer. Alternatively, download the application for free from the Microsoft application st...


TextNow is provided as an app for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. You can download it from the TextNow website by choosing the appropriate link. It redirects you to either the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store for download.


When a person uses a TextNow phone over a Wi-Fi connection, the calls and texts are free. TextNow users can select from several plans that offer a limited number of minutes and megabytes of data over the Sprint network.


Use TextNow for free Wi-Fi texting and calling by signing up for the service at TextNow.com or by downloading the app on a mobile phone. Create a free account by clicking the Create Account button on the home page or choose Sign In Using Facebook.


TextNow is a completely free and unlimited texting and calling service available directly from the computer. The app directly integrates with a user's Windows contacts. After sign up, depending on the area code chosen, the service assigns a unique phone number to a part...


To find a download in a Windows PC, open My Computer, and double-click the Downloads tab shown in the navigation menu at the left of the screen; to find it in a Macintosh, open Finder, the leftmost icon in the Dock in the bottom left of the desktop, and click on the Dow...