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People can sign up with sites like, dictionary.reference.com, to receive a Spanish word of the day. Once subscribed, users receive daily emails with a new word, its meaning and pronunciation.


In order to send a text via email, an SMS-to-email gateway must be used and the server of the number receiving the text must be known. Various places online offer server information for cellphone numbers, making it easy to locate the information needed to text any phone...


Email is a tool that delivers messages instantaneously and is accessible from nearly anywhere in the world. People find email useful for communicating with friends and colleagues, marketing and promoting services and products, and sending follow ups and reminders regard...


Amazon's Subscribe & Save service provides customers with a discount on thousands of products on Amazon and Amazon Marketplace and free standard shipping. This service is free to use, and customers may cancel their subscription at any time.


As of October 2015, benefits that come with a Washington Post subscription include unlimited digital access to the paper's website and to its apps for mobile phones and tablets. Subscriptions also include digital access for up to two users. Some subscriptions include ho...


Several websites let visitors subscribe to daily horoscope readings, as well as other newsletters, including Horoscope.com, Astrology.com and Tarot.com. Individuals can also receive their daily horoscopes through mobile apps from each of these sites.


Email stands for electronic mail, as it was designed to duplicate standard mail. It is sometimes spelled "e-mail," but this usage has fallen out of favor in most style guides.