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Unemployment benefits in Texas are handled by the Texas Workforce Commission and take the form of a weekly benefit amount. The benefit amount is determined by past wages, nature of separation from the previous job and other ongoing eligibility requirements.


Palo Pinto, Bexar, Galveston, Montgomery and Dallas are some counties in Texas. Other counties include Brewster, Pecos, Hudspeth, Wharton and Zapata. Harris county is the most populous county in Texas. Travis County is home to the state capital, Austin.


The official website of the State of Texas lists all of the 254 counties within the state. The site provides an alphabetical list of counties, along with the county seat for each.


As of 2015 the unemployment tax rate in California for new employers is 3.4 percent for two to three years; 6.2 percent is the highest rate for all employers, according to California's Employment Development Department. Employers do not pay more than $434 per employee p...


Visit the ADP or the Tax Policy Center websites to view state unemployment tax rates. ADP offers a fact sheet for each state that includes unemployment tax information, and Tax Policy Center provides a table of tax rates and downloadable files with historical informatio...


School District Tax property rates in Bexar County, Texas ranged from about $1.20 to $1.52 per $1000 of assessed property value in 2014, according to the Texas County Information Project. There are 17 school districts lying entirely or partially within Bexar County. Sch...


The current sales tax rate in Texas is 6.25 percent as of June 2015, according to TaxRates.com. However, the total tax rate may be as high as 8.25 percent depending on the municipality.