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The rough earth snake is fossorial, hiding beneath logs, rocks, or ornamental stones, in leaf litter, or in compost piles and gardens. The species is found in a variety of forested habitats with plenty of ground cover, as well as in many urban areas. It can reach very high densities in urban gardens, parks, and vacant lots.


The rough earthsnake is a small earthworm-eating snake found in many backyards and open lots of eastern Texas, often found when overturning logs and stones.


The Rough Earth Snake is brown or gray brown, with no pattern above. The underside is light yellow or cream. The head is small with pointed snout, and there may be a faint light ring round the neck. Juveniles are darker than adults and have a white or pale gray ring around the neck.


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The rough earth snake is a forrosial species, meaning it lives inside burrows. Formerly it was scientifically known as Virginia striatula, this is a non-aggressive snake.


The rough earth snake is found from southern Virginia to northern Florida, west along the Gulf Coast to southern Texas, and north into south-central Missouri and southeastern Kansas. Habitat 5 The rough earth snake is fossorial, hiding beneath logs, rocks, or ornamental stones, in leaf litter, or in compost piles and gardens.


Description:The rough earth snake is a small -- 7-10 inches (18-25 cm) -– fairly slender brown to gray snake with keeled scales and a pointed snout. The young are darker in coloration than the adults and may have a light band on the neck, which is sometimes lost as the species matures.


Earth snakes are secretive snakes, having gray, brown or red color on their backs, while a yellow to cream coloration on their belly. Young earth snakes have a light coloration at the back of their head. When fully grown, earth snakes measure between 7 and 12 inches. Diet, behavior and Habits


Print This Page Rough Earth Snake. Virginia striatula Size: Among the smallest of Texas serpents, adult rough earth snakes are generally 7 – 10 inches in length. Description: Uniformly olive-brown, reddish brown, dark gray, or nearly black with cone-shaped head. Habitat: Any region with damp soil, pine woods, hardwood forest, sparsely wooded rocky hillsides, swamp edge, and grasslands.


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