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Keeled scales differentiate the rough earth snake from the similar smooth earth snake (Virginia valeriae), as well as from the wormsnake. H. striatula is most likely to be confused with De Kay's brown snake (Storeria dekayi), which is a little larger and is light brown with dark markings on the back and neck. Unlike the rough earth snake, De ...


Print This Page Rough Earth Snake. Virginia striatula Size: Among the smallest of Texas serpents, adult rough earth snakes are generally 7 – 10 inches in length. Description: Uniformly olive-brown, reddish brown, dark gray, or nearly black with cone-shaped head. Habitat: Any region with damp soil, pine woods, hardwood forest, sparsely wooded rocky hillsides, swamp edge, and grasslands.


Rough Earth Snake . Facts, Control and Identification. Latin Name. Virginia striatula . Physical Appearance. Earth snakes are secretive snakes, having gray, brown or red color on their backs, while a yellow to cream coloration on their belly.


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The rough earth snake is found from southern Virginia to northern Florida, west along the Gulf Coast to southern Texas, and north into south-central Missouri and southeastern Kansas. Habitat 5. The rough earth snake is fossorial, hiding beneath logs, rocks, or ornamental stones, in leaf litter, or in compost piles and gardens. The species is ...


Rough Earth Snake (Virginia striatula) Description: 7-12 3/4" (18-32.4 cm). Plain reddish-brown, brown, or gray with distinctly pointed snout. Belly cream to yellowish. Light band behind head of ...


Photos of common North Texas snakes. Most Common North Texas Snakes


Rough Earth Snake Research. 368 likes. A place to share data and findings about rough earth snakes. The data will be used to understand these small...


Virginia valeriae elegans Kennicott, 1859 – western earth snake, dorsal scales in 17 rows, southern Indiana through western Kentucky and Tennessee to the Gulf of Mexico, westward to eastern Kansas and central Texas. Virginia valeriae pulchra (Richmond, 1954) – mountain earth snake, dorsal scales weakly keeled, mountains of western ...