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Any person wishing to be appointed as a representative payee for a recipient of Social Security or SSI can use a representative payee form to request appointment. Family, friends or qualified organizations may serve as payees.


In order to write a payee report, you first of all need to obtain a user ID and password by first registering through the Business Services Online, states Social Security Administration. Next, use the paper form to get four identifying items that you need to access the information online.


The representative payee form, SSA-11-BK, Request to be Selected as Payee, is available online at SSA.gov, according to the Social Security Administration. Applicants must complete the form and provide the agency with documentation to prove identity. Individuals representing organizations must produ


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The Social Security representative payee program allows someone to manage Social Security benefits for another person. The beneficiary, or the person receiving payments, must be unable to manage their own finances to be eligible for the program. For instance, parents can receive payments for disable


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Advantages of the Social Security Representative Payee Program are that it ensures that the recipient's basic needs are addressed prior to other expenditures. Basic needs include food, housing, clothing and medical care not otherwise covered.


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