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A TIN is a taxpayer identification number. It is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service or the Social Security Administration to identify American taxpayers and citizens. When issued from the SSA, the TIN is an SSN or a social security number.


To apply for a Texas identification card, complete the application online or at a driver's license office. Bring proper identification along with documents verifying your U.S. citizenship or residency, Texas residency and social security number to a driver's license office. You must also bring the r


Call, write or email a company to obtain its state employer identification number, which is issued by the Internal Revenue Service, recommends the Houston Chronicle. Employers who lost their employer identification numbers, or EINs, may contact the IRS by calling 800-829-4933.


To identify a snake in Texas, check the snake's color, pupil type and the shape of the snake's head. The pattern on the snake, such as diamond shapes or stripes, may also be used for identification.


Applicants for a Texas identification card must provide a Social Security number and proof of identity, residency in Texas, and U.S. citizenship or legal residency, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Individuals can download the application from the department’s official website or


The Texas Department of Public Safety does not permit individuals to apply for an original Texas identification card online. Applicants must to visit a DPS office in person with the correct forms in hand. Individuals who already have an ID on file and need to make changes to the address, or are tryi


Tin is an element that is made up of the mineral cassiterite and mined from the crust of the earth. The combination of cassiterite and carbon in a high heat setting forms the type of tin that is used in modern applications.


Today, most tin comes from southeast Asia and countries such as China, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. Although tin was mined in England and the United States at one point in history, most tin is now found in the southern hemisphere, as there are no remaining substantial deposits in the norther


Engine identification numbers such as serial numbers, model numbers and specification numbers are usually located directly on the engine itself. The appearance and location of numbers can differ between brands.


An identification number properly identifies a business's tax accounts for employee and independent contractor purposes, Lee Tax Help explains. An identification number is used on all correspondences and paperwork when filing with the IRS and Social Security Administration.