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Start a business in Texas by choosing a business structure, selecting a business name, determining business tax responsibilities and applying for any necessary business permits and licenses. New businesses must also determine and comply with business employer requirements, according to the Texas Eco


The Texas Secretary of State has an online portal that individuals can use to search for Texas corporations for $1 per search. Corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, assumed names and trademarks are a few of the search types that users have access to.


A legal entity name is a term that refers to a group of real people, called natural persons, that acts as one entity for legal matters. Examples of such legal matters include contracts or lawsuits. Legal entities include corporations, unions and political parties.


Texas does not require an actual business license but does require proper permitting and tax identification registration on the county, state and federal level. Additionally, those hoping to open a business are required to apply for an assumed name and to ensure that the name is not currently in use


To perform a business name search, go to the website of the county or state governing body that handles new business licenses for the company's area, and enter the name in the search field. In many areas, this process is handled by the Secretary of State or Clerk-Recorder's office.


As stated by BusinessDictionary.com, a separate legal entity is a business that is given its own individual legal status. This is usually done by forming a limited liability company or a corporation so that the company's actions may be legally declared as separate from those of an individual person,


A composite entity is a thing that is made from other things, according to the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California. Virtually every object in existence is a composite entity. Composite entities also include non-physical things, such as a concert or a paragraph.


LandWatch and Lands of Texas provide online listings of land for sale in the state of Texas. Both companies allow users to search for land by county in Texas.


A variable interest entity refers to an investee in which an investor has less than a majority-owned interest. A variable interest entity may be consolidated, if the right conditions exist.


Search for a business by address in online directories, such as 411.com and DOBSearch.com. Whitepages.com offers a reverse address option for locating both businesses and people.