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How to Build a Magnetic Generator First of all there is just one thing that you have to accept is that you won’t be able to make a magnetic electricity generator if you don’t have any plans. If you think that you can search around the Internet and find a set of free plans then you’re going to be disappointment.


The Tesla magnetic generator can produce roughly five to seven times more electricity than it consumes. Please note that this is dependent on how big you build it. The first one you build won’t be able to power your whole home. A typical sized small generator will reduce your electricity bill by roughly 30% – 40%.


Tesla and His Generator. If you have not heard about Tesla, his generator or the free and easily-available blueprints that allow the construction of such a device enabling you to stop buying electricity from the great corporations, than all of this is because Nikola Tesla and his work were kept under silence in the past decades, mostly due to the government suppression.


Before learning how to build a magnetic generator, it is essential to understand how this generator works and what its components are. Always in search of new alternative energy projects, the world understood that every idea with an eco-friendly potential is worth analyzing.


Before seeing how the Tesla generator works it would be worthwhile to have an idea of how any electricity generator, even in theory, could be capable of producing a self-sustaining current. This has been clearly explained by Walter M. Elsasser in a Scientific American article (May 1958) titled ...


Build your own Tesla free energy generator. Tesla Magnetic Generator will reveal how you, like the other 102.244 customers, with the aid of a very simple device, can save up to 87% or more on your power bill every month…. kick the electric companies from your home… and even force the “almighty” monopolies to actually pay you for the ...


Including Tesla free energy plans 2019 with 6,190 pages; The magnet motor - free energy generator build yourself complete package edition 2019 NOW to instant DOWNLOAD! Learn more and download now! Magnet motors - Even laymen can easily build a magnet motor for their own home with just a few materials.


In March of 2014, a small group of independent engineers and developers released to the public open-source plans for a continuously running fuel-less electricity generator based on a patent by Nikola Tesla, and re-designed by inventor James Robitaille.


There is no doubt Nikola Tesla was a brilliant man but there is no evidence that he ever discovered a free energy source that was subsequently covered up by a global conspiracy. Unlike the claim in the video that he was "erased from history", the unit of magnetic flux density used everywhere today is T for Tesla.