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The Tesla electric generator is a simple magnetic power-generating system that can produce free electricity. To produce electric power, Tesla generators use perpetual motion generated by two differently-sized magnetic plates that are connected to a small gear. Any indiv...


Many Internet sites, such as Kevin Wilson's Tesla Coil Design, Construction and Operation Guide, and the Tesla Universe site offer materials lists, schematics and instructions for Tesla coil construction. The Tesla Universe site explains the construction of a much safer...


One Tesla is equal to one Weber per meter squared. It also represents one kilogram per second squared per ampere.


The Tesla Model S is a full-size four-door sedan powered by an electric motor. While most Model S cars have a single motor that powers the rear wheels, all-wheel drive versions with a separate motor for front and back wheels are available.


Tesla cars are made by Tesla Motors, an American company based in Palo Alto, California. Tesla's Chief Executive Officer and chairman is the billionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk, who cofounded PayPal and is the Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX, as of January 2015.


Tesla generator scams are schemes to sell blueprints, plans or kits to build devices allegedly capable of providing free electricity to homeowners. These scams claim to provide the means by which homeowners can build generators that convert the infinite supply of radian...


Nikola Tesla patented several different electric generators, most famously the alternating-current electric generator, invented in 1888, and the still-theoretical pyromagneto electric generator in 1891. Modern generators still use the electrical and mechanical principle...