Politicians like Speaker of NYS Assembly exercise enormous power over the legislative agenda, committee assignments and staffing. If term limits ended his.


Feb 18, 2020 ... Here are some questions and answers about term limits and the ongoing debate surrounding the idea, as well as a look at the pros and cons of ...


For me, there is one overpowering argument for term limits, and one interesting argument against. The rest of the usual pros and cons seem to range from fun ...


May 11, 2019 ... There are several pros and cons to consider when establishing term limits for Congress. These are the key points to review. Report this ad.


List of the Pros for Congressional Term Limits. 1. It would bring new ideas to the table. When the same people keep getting elected to Congress time and time ...


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Apr 30, 2018 ... List of the Pros for Congressional Term Limits. 1. It could encourage politicians to seek positive, radical change. Politicians with nothing left to lose ...


Jun 20, 2011 ... There are many pros and cons for both sides; however, in our experience, there are more advantages to term limits in the vast majority of cases.


Oct 15, 2008 ... A panel of politicians and experts debated term limits on a forum on Tuesday night at Baruch College in Manhattan.


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