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It seems that the internet's love of nostalgia extends beyond just pop culture, with the Slender Man and copy paste ghost stories like Teresa Fidalgo getting a second wind this year, but how did ...


The famous Internet video about Teresa Fidalgo was written and produced by Portuguese producer David Rebordão, and it is not a true story. The video is filmed as a recovered footage video in the same vein as the "Blair Witch Project," and the film is called "A Curva."


Teresa Fidalgo 1983 Car Accident : There are police records of a Teresa Fidalgo who died in a car crash in Portugal in 1983. However, since the video went viral, the producer has also publically admitted that the story of Teresa Fidalgo the ghost is fake, debunking the myth once and for all.


A White Lady is a type of female ghost, dressed in all white reportedly seen in rural areas and associated with some local legend of tragedy.While White Lady legends are found in many countries around the world, they are most prominent in parts of the United States, Ireland and Great Britain.


Fidalgo (Portuguese: [fiˈðaɫɣu], Galician: [fiˈðalɣʊ]), from Galician fillo de algo and Portuguese filho de algo—equivalent to nobleman, but sometimes literally translated into English as "son of somebody" or "son of some (important family)"—is a traditional title of Portuguese nobility that refers to a member of the titled or untitled nobility.


To conclude, Teresa Fidalgo 1983 was involved in one of the accidents in that period of time and she died because of that. Later, she was believed to be a ghost and haunted around. So, that's the story of Teresa Fidalgo and that's how people make letter chains to remember her death <33


Teresa Fidalgo is reputed to have been killed in a car crash in Portugal in 1983 and now haunts the stretch of road where she was killed. The website Teresa Fidalgo recounts the story and there ...


Well from what I herd to my opinion I pretty much could say her life wasn’t so easy but all she wanted to do was to help some people who are afraid or angry all emotions except…. um hey today Friday, February ,22 on a family members birthday I thi...


Original Video of the legend of Teresa Fidalgo. www.facebook.com/davidrebordaorealizador


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