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Is it true that my mom will die because of Teresa Fidalgo? I can't believe that I this question over here after so many years since I last saw a post about Teresa Fi dalgo. But anyway, lets dive in this question. And the answer to your question if...


It seems that the internet's love of nostalgia extends beyond just pop culture, with the Slender Man and copy paste ghost stories like Teresa Fidalgo getting a second wind this year, but how did ...


Teresa Fidalgo, Ghost (White Lady) First and first, what is white lady? Generally, the aspects of this phenomena are that the ghost is female associated with some local legend of tragedy, all blurry and pale, seen along a rural road.


Did Teresa fidalgo really kill somebody's mom? ... What were some of Mother Teresa's sayings? At the link below are a list of over 200 of my favorite quotes from Mother Teresa. I keep several ...


Best Answer: I believe it s a fake story and its more a ghost story. HEres some information i found on here anyways, The Teresa Fidalgo accident and the subsequent fake video of her supposed “haunting” of a certain road in Sintra have spawned too much attention from web denizens.


A few days ago... a Teresa Fidalgo's chain letter was going on in Fanpop... as some of you got it so i thought i'd tell you who she is <333 "I am Teresa Fidalgo and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever,A girl ignored and her mom died 29 days later.


Is the Story of Teresa Fidalgo True? ... After the video cuts off, subtitles state that two of the passengers were killed in the accident and that the police discovered that a woman named Teresa Fidalgo died in a car accident in that exact location in 1983.


A White Lady is a type of female ghost, dressed in all white reportedly seen in rural areas and associated with some local legend of tragedy.While White Lady legends are found in many countries around the world, they are most prominent in parts of the United States, Ireland and Great Britain.


Teresa Fidalgo is reputed to have been killed in a car crash in Portugal in 1983 and now haunts the stretch of road where she was killed. The website Teresa Fidalgo recounts the story and there ...


Original Video of the legend of Teresa Fidalgo. www.facebook.com/davidrebordaorealizador