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On receiving the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize, Anjezë Bojaxhiu, known to the world as Mother Teresa, said only: "I am not worthy." This quote was typical of the Albanian nun, who achieved international fame in part for saying inspirational words on a variety of topics.


Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun who founded the Missionaries of Charity to help the poor. She worked primarily in India to provide comfort and care for the poor, sick and dying.


Mother Teresa was beloved for her work in helping poor people and was known for being generous, kind and compassionate. She achieved much in her lifetime, including being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.


No, Mother Teresa is not recognized as a saint by the Catholic church. Although Mother Teresa has not been formally recognized as a saint as of 2014, many Christians from different denominations regard her as a modern-day saint.


Mother Teresa lived a life committed to helping others. Among her many accomplishments were building a hospice center, as well as centers for blind and disabled people. She also established a leper colony. Her works of compassion were honored with a Nobel Prize in 1979.


Mother Teresa was born Agnes Bojaxhiu on August 27, 1910. She was the youngest child in her family and despite stories to the contrary, her family was very well off when she was a child.


Mother Teresa was famous for providing humanitarian assistance to destitute residents living on the streets of Calcutta. Mother Teresa provided many kinds of humanitarian aid to poor residents in need, including medical treatment, education and basic supplies such as cl...