The Tennis Court Oath was important because it was the first step in the Third Estate of France forming an organized protest of the French government in the lead-up to the French Revolution. After arguments with the Firs... More »

On an indoor tennis court in France on June 20, 1789, members of the Estates-General took a vow not to disband until a new constitution was put into place for France. The group, known as the Third Estate, the lower echel... More »

The primary significance of the French Revolution was that it removed power from a small group of elite rulers and established a democratic leadership representing the French citizenry. Much like the American Revolution ... More »

Despite his unassuming appearance, Maximilien Robespierre came to symbolize both the brutality and idealism of the French Revolution. He was described by his contemporaries as either a tyrannical dictator or a revolution... More »

Interesting facts about Napoleon Bonaparte include the fact that he and his family fled from Corsica in 1793, and he was arrested by the revolutionary French government for his association with Maximilien Robespierre. An... More »

France's tax system, the cost of foreign wars and the personal court expenditures of Louis XVI were all important contributing factors to the French Revolution. France's economic instability gave rise to a system in whic... More »

The French Revolution had an impact on the politics and laws of the United States. It was also a primary motivator behind the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798. More »