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Tennis balls are made out of a hollow rubber core covered by a wool or nylon shell. In addition, the air inside the rubber core is pressurized so that the ball bounces evenly.


An official tennis ball is between 2.575 inches and 2.7 inches in diameter as defined by the International Tennis Federation. Tennis balls also must conform to other criteria if they are to be used in regulation play.


The mass of a standard tennis ball is .057 kilograms. Mass is the measurement indicating the amount of matter in an object.


The official diameter of a tennis ball according to the International Tennis Federation must be between 2.575 and 2.7 inches. Tennis balls are sold in cylinders containing three per package.


Look for used tennis ball machines on eBay and Amazon.com as of 2015. These sites also offer accessories for tennis ball machines, such as wireless remote controls or storage covers.


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