A 10-sided shape is known as a decagon. It is a two-dimensional polygon, which means it is a closed shape consisting of 10 straight lines. Sides may or may not be the same length. More »

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A polygon with seven sides is called a heptagon. A polygon is a closed geometric shape that has at least three sides and angles. More »

A 10-sided polygon is known as a decagon. A polygon is a closed plane figure with many sides that connect at its endpoints. Two sides meet to form a vertex, and the sides never cross each other. More »

A flat 10-sided shape with sides of equal length is called a decagon. A solid 10-sided shape with faces of equal size and shape is called a decahedron. More »

A shape that has 10 sides is call a decagon. A decagon is a type of polygon, which is a two dimensional shape with straight lines. These lines connect to each other to form a closed shape. More »

A 10-sided figure is called a decagon. In geometry, a decagon is defined as a polygon consisting of 10 connecting line segments that connect at 10 vertices. A regular decagon has sides with equal lengths and equal angle ... More »

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A regular decagon has 10 lines of symmetry, one line drawn through each vertex and one line drawn through the midpoint of each edge. A line of symmetry indicates where a polygon can be folded in half to form two equal sh... More »