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The primary options for purchasing a spare donut tire include tire stores, auto dealerships and salvage yards, according to Angie's List. An alternative is to search through listings on an online provider, such as eBay or Tire Rack, both of which offer spare tire catego...


Spare tires are typically rated for between 50 and 70 miles of use. This is because they are built to be smaller for weight, space and cost savings, and as such they don't have the durability and stability found in regular tires.


While 70 miles is generally accepted as the maximum distance for a compact spare, it is best to consult the car's manual for an exact figure. Additionally, manufacturers recommend that drivers travel no faster than 50 miles per hour with the spare in use.


Depending on the vehicle, a spare tire is stored in a special compartment in the trunk or on the exterior of the vehicle. The spare tire is often stored on the exterior of the vehicle to save space inside the car in some car models such as the Jeep Wrangler.


The typical warning on the side of most temporary spare tires is to avoid exceeding 50 mph, though the actual speed varies from one car to the next. There are additional precautions to be aware of while driving on a spare tire.


The small spare tires that are provided with most cars are only intended as temporary spares. As a general rule, they should be driven no more than 70 miles, and the car should not exceed 50 miles per hour.


As of 2015, some stores that sell spare tire locks include Amazon.com and SummitRacing.com. Both of these venues sell the locks online and offer home or garage shipping.