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Ames Walker AW Style 322 Anti-Embolism 18 mmHg Compression Open Toe Knee High Stockings - Non-ambulatory patients - Reduce possibility of pulmonary embolism - Replacement for Kendall Teds See Details Product - T.E.D. Knee-high Anti-embolism Stockings, Regular White Inspection Toe Large 15 - 17.5 Inch, 1 Pair


Anti-Embolism stockings, also known as TED stockings, are compression socks that are specifically designed for anyone who is unable to walk for extended periods of time or has a limited range of motion. They can be prescribed for a variety of reasons but are most commonly recommended to patients in hospitals or at home


The biggest difference between Anti-Embolism Stockings (TED Hose) and Medical Compression Stockings is the compression level and the medical reason for which it is worn. Anti- Embolism Stockings are usually 8–18mmHg, while medical compression stockings are a medically-measured 15–20mmHg or higher.


Jobst and Mediven TED/Anti Embolism Stockings; Gradient Compression Seamless Anti-Embolism Elastic Stocking is specifically designed to combat thromboembolism. Anti Embolism GP's feature a convenient inspection window located on top of the foot so the patient's skin will never touch the floor. Available in Knee High, Thigh High, and Waist High.


T.E.D. Knee High Open Toe Anti-Embolism Compression Stockings are manufactured by Cardinal Health, formerly Covidien, are designed for the continuing care of recuperating patients from surgery.Constructed of nylon, TED Knee-High Open toe Anti Embolism Stockings offer full-foot with open inspection toe. Kendall also provides a Closed Toe Compression Stocking.


TED Knee Length Open Toe Anti-Embolism Stockings from HealthyKin.com are designed to reduce venous stasis below the knee when thigh length styles are medically contraindicated.The clinically-proven graduated compression pattern helps ensure optimum blood flow velocity.


Anti Embolism Stockings are often referred to as compression stockings or compression socks.An anti embolism stocking is used as a medical compression stocking to treat venous and lymphatic medical problems. Leading manufacturers of these compression garments include Covidien, Kendall, TED Hose, Mediven, Carolon, Mckesson, AlbaHealth, DJ Orthopedics, Encompass Group, Dr. Comfort and Truform.


Anti-Embolism Compression Stockings medically designed and correctly graduated to provide thromboembolic deterrent compression legwear. Constructed to apply maximum compression at the ankle gradually reducing up the legs to boost circulation from lower legs back up to the heart.


For your convenience, you can shop at www.LegsTherapy.com.If you are looking for a TED, you can choose from Therafirm, Truform or Futuro anti embolism stockings. These products are designed to increase blood velocity reducing the incidence of venous stasis, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.


TED Thigh Length Anti-Embolism Stockings from HealthyKin.com are designed to reduce venous stasis in the entire leg.The clinically-proven graduated compression pattern from ankle to upper thigh helps ensure optimum blood flow velocity.