The number of teaspoons in 1 pound of a substance is the reciprocal of the substance's density in pounds per teaspoon. Because teaspoons are a measurement of volume and pounds are a measurement of mass, the number of tea... More »

There are 4 tablespoons in a quarter cup and there are 3 teaspoons in each tablespoon; this means that there are 12 teaspoons in a quarter cup. A quarter cup is also equal to 2 fluid ounces. More »

There are six teaspoons in 1 U.S. fluid ounce. The U.S. fluid ounce is also equivalent to 2 tablespoons, 1/2 U.S. cup and 1/16 U.S. pint. More » Food Food Measurements

Teaspoons are a measurement of volume, and milligrams are a measurement of mass, so before one can calculate the teaspoons that are equivalent to 25 milligrams of a substance, one must know the density of that substance ... More »

One half of 3/4 teaspoon is equal to 3/8 or 0.375 teaspoons. One method of finding the answer in the fraction form of 3/8 is to multiply the fraction 1/2 by 3/4. More »

The number of milligrams in 1 teaspoon varies according to the density of the substance being measured. Milligrams are a unit of weight; the teaspoon is a unit of volume equivalent to 5 milliliters. These measurements ar... More »

It is necessary to know the density of the substance in question to be able to convert 125 grams to cups. This is because the gram is a unit of mass and the cup is a unit of volume. One can use the density to convert fro... More »