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There are well over two dozen licences offered by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, and renewal is available online for most types. To renew a license, the license holder goes to the TDLR home site, clicks Online Services and selects TDLR Online License Renewal. The link takes you to a p


The Stratford Career Institute and Virginia College offer good online cosmetology courses, according to OnlineDegrees.org. Other options include courses from Milady Online, Milwaukee Area Technical College and Stonebridge Associated Colleges.


Though cosmetology programs vary by state, most full-time programs take a year or less to complete. However, many cosmetology schools also offer part-time classes that take around 18 months to complete.


Some good schools for studying cosmetology are Maryland Community College in North Carolina, Saint Paul College in Minnesota, College of DuPage in Illinois and Oakland Community College in Michigan, according to Study.com. Cosmetology schools teach students how to care for and treat skin, nails and


Exactly how long a cosmetology license lasts will vary based on state laws, but two years is common among many states. For example, the Division of Professional Regulation in Delaware states that cosmetology licenses expire on October 31 every even year. So in Delaware, a cosmetology license lasts t


Requirements for getting a cosmetology license vary by state, but the minimum requirements often include the person being at least 18, having at least a high school diploma or its equivalent and graduating from an approved cosmetology program. The licensing exam includes a written portion and a styl


Free online cosmetology courses are available from the government of Saskatchewan and the University of North Texas. Additional classes specifically related to cosmetology health and safety are available through the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education.


Taking cosmetology instructor courses requires choosing a beauty school or beauty instructor program and enrolling for online or in-person class instruction. Cosmetology schools that offer cosmetology instructor training and certification include Paul Mitchell Schools and Empire Beauty Schools. Mila


Cosmetology supplies include reusable equipment like hair dryers and brushes, nail clippers and files, makeup brushes and towels and aprons to protect clothing. They also include items that must be replenished frequently, including nail polishes and solutions, hair shampoos and colors, makeup and sk


An interesting fact about cosmetology is that the word comes from the Roman word "cosmetae," which referred to servants who applied cosmetic products and perfumes to wealthy Roman women. In fact, it's likely that the first cosmetic products were actually mud and urine.