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To know if a company is legitimate, visit the company’s website, review the available modes of payment, and research the company thoroughly on the Internet. Where possible, visit the company’s physical location to get more information.


Information on a settlement form includes case information and the terms of the settlement. Litigants may also include legal language that divides up the cost of attorney fees and requires the litigants to keep settlement information confidential, according to mediator Darrel Lewis.


A 2010 law required debt settlement companies to stop charging upfront fees to consumers, but no debt settlement services are free, because the fees are retained from any settlement, reports The Simple Dollar.


Car-related legal settlements are arrangements for compensation of damages suffered by a party due to an automotive accident, manufacturing defect or other issue. Most settlements result in compensation in the form of money. While the majority of settlements occur between parties involved in automob


To get a car settlement with an insurance company, provide as much information and documentation as possible to back up your claims, says Nolo. Enter negotiations mindful of the amount you are willing to settle for, and emphasize the strongest points in the case.


A cash settlement is a method of settling a future contract by cash instead of the physical delivery of an asset. This is a convenient method of transacting future contracts, states Investopedia.


Different types of human settlements include hamlets, villages, small towns, large towns, isolated places, cities and conurbations. In some systems, types of human settlements are broken up into urban, suburban and rural; for example, the U.S. Census Bureau divides settlements into urban or rural ca


A settlement payment is the amount a defendant pays in the event a lawsuit is settled out of court. Reaching a settlement is an alternative to a trial, which adjusts or determines the claims of a dispute, according to The Free Dictionary's Legal Dictionary.


To look up a company's Federal Tax ID Number for free, a person can use an online service, call the IRS or contact that particular company's human resources department. Other means of locating the tax number are checking tax forms or looking at business bank statements.


An HUD-1 Settlement Statement is a form that that shows where the borrower's money is spent for purchasing or refinancing real estate. It itemizes the monetary fees, charges and exchanges between a borrower and a lender including escrow, title fees and costs of the loan. Among the most important ite