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The first step when filing a tax return for the previous year is gathering all the tax documents, states Intuit TurboTax. Necessary documents include W-2s and 1099 forms for the previous year. Gather supporting documents to support eligibility for deductions and credits. The next step is to request


You can access tax information from the previous year by obtaining a copy of your tax transcript through the Internal Revenue Service, says the IRS. You can also file Form 4506 to request a copy of your tax return.


A tax return is the tax form on which one files income taxes with the Internal Revenue Service, explains Investopedia. The term "tax return" can also refer to the process by which the government refunds excess taxes, although this is more commonly known as a "tax refund."


To view federal income tax rates for the period 1913 to 2013, visit the Tax Foundation's website. It displays tax rates for married couples, single individuals and heads of households. The federal government imposed the income tax in 1913 following ratification of the 16th Amendment, explains the Li


The deadline for individuals to file their tax returns for 2014 is April 15, 2015. April 15 is typically the final date for individuals to file their returns in any given year.


The Internal Revenue Service has 1040 tax return forms from previous years available on its website. To access them, click on Forms & Pubs at the top of the main page of the IRS website, and then choose the Prior Year tab in the publications chart.


Completed and accurate electronic income tax returns are processed by the IRS within 21 days. Paper returns take longer to process, typically six to eight weeks from the date received.


The Internal Revenue Service keeps copies of all versions of tax Form 1040 for up to six years. After that time, as required by law, it destroys them, according to the IRS. The IRS may maintain other tax forms for more than six years.


To receive a copy of a tax return from the IRS, mail a completed form 4506 to the address indicated on the form along with a check for each year requested, as explained by the IRS. As of 2013, the IRS charges a $57 fee for each tax year ordered.


Many states document and store sales tax charts that show the taxes due on different categories of purchases. Some of these categories include state taxes, local taxes, rural taxes and town taxes. Others pertain to highways, hospitals and towns, according to the Utah State Tax Commission.