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The top tax software programs, as of 2015, are TurboTax, TaxACT and H&R Block, according to Top Ten Reviews. It recommends TurboTax as the simplest to use, TaxACT as the most affordable program that still covers most tax situations and H&R Block for users who need additional tax filing support.


TaxBrain, TurboTax and TaxAct all offer free tax organizer software. This software allows a user to enter the related return information and then file the return as necessary. In addition, users can scroll back and forth between questions to complete all pertinent information.


The majority of government programs are funded by taxes. The U.S. government collected $3.32 trillion from taxpayers in 2014. That revenue makes up 85 percent of the 2015 budget, making it the country's largest source of income, while the other 15 percent, $561 billion, was borrowed, reports Nationa


Thomson Reuters GoSystem Tax RS, Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, CCH Axcess Tax, Intuit Lacerte Tax and Intuit ProSeries Tax are among the highest rated tax preparation systems, according to CPA Practice Advisor. As of 2014, they have received ratings of 4.5 to 5.0 from the websit


The Internal Revenue Service lets taxpayers apply for reduced tax bills through its Fresh Start program, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Taxpayers also can apply for interest and penalty abatement on overdue tax bills, although few individuals qualify for these benefits.


Pennsylvania is not the only state with a tax rebate program for rentals; Minnesota, Vermont and Maine have renter's rebate programs, according to the states' revenue departments. In Minnesota, qualified renters receive a tax refund of approximately 17 percent of the rent they pay, notes the Minneso


Property tax relief options such as exemptions, deductions, freezes, deferrals and reduced assessments are available in many states for senior citizens, according to Needhelppayingbills. Details of such options are different, depending on what is offered by the state, county or municipality.


Even if your tax return is more complex—you have a lot of investments, for example, or income from a side gig—you may qualify for a free program. Courtesy Internal Revenue Service There are more ways than ever to prepare and e-file your tax return at no charge. Most of the major tax-software provide


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Information about Indian Tribal Governments functional programs An official website of the United States Government Learn about the different IRS tax programs that focus on Indian Tribal Governments. Fraud and Abuse for Tribes Information about abuses and schemes that cause financial risk to the tri